JA Volunteer Teaches With Enthusiasm and Inspires Class

Tom Russell, president of Junior Achievement of South Central Pennsylvania, shared a recent email from a new JA volunteer named Justin. Despite initial anxiety about effectively teaching high school students, Justin?s efforts have inspired his students?which in turn have inspired him.Before entering the classroom, Justin spoke to members of his local JA board of directors to get insights on engaging the students, but soon he had to step into the classroom. ?Justin wrote, "Much to my surprise, a little enthusiasm went a long way.?As I sit at my house a few weeks and six quick 45-minute sessions later, I look at a stack of over 20 thank-you cards from those students who I was afraid I would not be able to inspire. The cards all expressed a sincere appreciation and thanks for my time, and stated something they learned from me. Honestly, I did not feel I had much to offer to them. I now see I had more to offer than I thought. Hands down, this has been one of the best experiences of my life. As long as there is JA, I plan to volunteer my time and resources as much as I can."[Teacher helping a high school student with a task.] <https://juniorachievementusa.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/male-volunteer-helping-high-school-boy-with-problem.jpg> Justin continued, "I cannot tell you how nervous I was before my first class. I have spoken to an auditorium with almost 1,000 people.?I have talked to the heads of major corporations such as Westinghouse, GlaxoSmithKline and Aramark. However, speaking in front of a class of 20 high school seniors made me sweat. My fear was I would not be able to achieve my goal of engaging and inspiring them."In the end, Justin?s fear was unfounded. He successfully taught his students and enjoyed the resulting sense of accomplishment. "I want to thank you and the organization for the feeling I have today. I will also encourage others to get involved by sharing my experience with them."

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